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Symptoms of Testicular Cancer


All cancers will present with symptoms when the problem is already advanced. For this reason, it is advised that men make it routine to be checked for testicular cancer and other forms of cancer. It is essential to take these measures to save more lives. However, it is also good to have the symptoms of testicular cancer in mind.

Most people who will have this problem will have painless lump or mass in the testicles. Some people will have a number of masses all depending on the intensity of the problem. These painless lumps can only be detected by touch.

It is good to make sure that men feel the testicles often to make sure they note such anomalies and symptoms. Another common symptom of the problem is a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. They will feel as if they are carrying a load and this will be because of the multiplied cells due to cancerous tendencies. In this light, people feeling such a sensation should not assume this sign at all. Abdominal aches in the lower backside will also feature and can indicate the presences of testicular cancer. These aches can also indicate other health problems and a medical diagnosis has to be made.

Scrotal enlargement is another symptom that will be present in people that suffer from testicular cancer. Another symptom in particular kinds of testicular cancer is the development of breasts in men and tenderness. This will be because of stimulation of a hormone called HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone.

Germ cell tumors will be responsible for secreting high levels of this hormone that will cause this. There are many other specific and non-specific symptoms of this illness. It cannot be overemphasized that the best way to handle it is to visit the doctor even before the symptoms are evident.


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