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How to Make Napalm?


Making professional grade military napalm is extremely dangerous. We’re not going to cover how to create the substance that would burn you house to the ground in seconds, but we will cover how to make a basic napalm substance that can be used to light small fires for personal use.

As with all things flammable, napalm is extremely dangerous and it isn’t something that you should simply play with. If you’re a child, we recommend getting a responsible adult to help you mix this stuff together. Also, the ingredients used within napalm can be toxic if inhaled.

We’re not sure how people’s respiratory system will react to something like this so if you’re unsure of your allergies, either avoid this project altogether or wear a gas mask. Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get down to business.


The basic ingredients for homemade napalm aren’t exactly out of the ordinary. These are things that everyone should have laying around their house in a somewhat large quantity. That’s good news for you as you won’t have to rush out to the store to buy things for this household project.

  • A bucket or glass jar
  • Powdered sugar
  • Lighter fuel or Citronella Oil

Most people more than likely have more lighter fluid than citronella oil, so you’ll probably want to opt for that instead of getting the oil. While citronella isn’t expensive, it may be an inconvenience to go and buy from the store. Now that we have our three basic ingredients, let’s move onto the actual process of making napalm.

The Process

  • Start with a cup of the powdered sugar you have and drop it into the bucket or jar that you have. Make sure that you’ve filtered the powdered sugar and that isn’t clumpy or old. The more that it can mix with the lighter fuel, the better.
  • Next you’re going to add just less than a cup’s worth of lighter fluid to the mixture. Stir the two together vigorously with a spatula or spoon so that the two become a homogeneous mixture.
  • Continue mixing until the mixture starts to look something like a cream or paste. You may have to add more fuel or more sugar to get the stuff to be a paste consistency, but the 1:1 ratio has worked well in the past.
  • Then of course, the final step is to light the whole thing on fire. The paste will burn in a controlled fashion. It’s best to step back as you light it on fire as you never know if the paste is going to splatter.

You can use the napalm paste for a variety of things, but the most popular thing to do is to light small fires with it. Obviously, right? Well most people get twigs and chunks of wood together and build their fire slowly. Add some napalm paste to the twigs and set them ablaze and you’ll go from cold to hot in a few seconds flat.

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