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Who Invented Swimming?


The history of swimming can be traced back to prehistoric times. This is through the paintings made on cave walls in the Stone Age about seven thousand years ago. However, the documented evidence was made from 2000 BC with the initial references being recorded as the Iliad, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, the Bible, the Odyssey and some other sagas.

The first swimming book was written in 1538 by a German language professor known as Nikolaus Wynmann. The book was called 2Der Schwimmer Oder ein Zwiegespräch über die Schwimmkuns” and translated in English as “A Dialogue on the Art of Swimming” or “The Swimmer”.

Competitive swimming started in Europe around 1800, with the breast stroke being the most dominant swimming style up until 1873, when John Trudgen Arthur

created the trudgen. Trudgen was a copy of front crawl by Americans. The modern freestyle features such as flutter kick and the overarm strokes were first developed by an English man called Richard Cavill in the year 1902.At the time, Cavill hailed in Australia hence the reason why the stroke ended up being called The Australian Crawl. From that time onwards, the stroke was done during swimming competitions. Johnny Weismuller who was an Olympian later on in the 1920’s polished the freestyle stroke.



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