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Who Invented Shoes?


Shoes are foot coverings that are mostly made of leather and consist of an upper; the portion found above the sole and a sole. The invention of shoes dates back to the prehistoric times when man found walking on rocks to be quite a hard task and decided to find some covering that would protect the feet from cuts and bruises.

The first type of shoes were sandals that were made using mats from grass, hide strips and at times made from pieces of wood which were flat. These materials were normally fastened on the soles of feet using thongs that were bound around on the ankles.

However, the sandals proved inefficient in the colder regions as they did not have the ability to protect feet properly. This called for addition of material used in preparing shoes and hence resulted in the birth of shoes.

The Egyptians in Mesopotamia are recorded to be the first people who were civilized to make and wear shoes. The shoes then were made from papyrus or leather pads that ware fastened on the feet using two straps. The top part of the shoe in most cases was turned up to protect toes. Shoes have undergone an evolution over years and currently, there is a wide range of shoes for all occasions and weather.

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