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Who Invented School?


The history of schools dates back to ancient Greece where groups of students were brought together in a central learning facility. In ancient Greece, the types of schools present were known as academies. The term academy began to be used at around 385 BC where a Greek scholar known as Plato, formed a philosophy school at a place known as Akademia.

The commonly known school system was formed by the Byzantine Empire at around 425 A.D. These schools were mainly primary schools and it was required for military personnel to have a minimum of primary education. However, the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 A.D saw the end of their education system.

The invention of schools can also be attributed to Islam. The Islamic culture strongly put a lot of emphasis on knowledge and this led to the developments and spread of systematic teaching methods. Initially most of the teaching took place in Mosques, but at around the ninth century schools known as Madrassa were introduced. Later on during the reign of Ottomans, institutions were built that included several facilities in one place such as mosque, madrassa, hospital and dining areas. The design of the institutions was intended to make learning more accessible to the public. There is a great correlation between those institutions and modern day schools.


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