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Who Invented Radio?


The invention of radio has sparked a major controversy over who is behind it all. Marconi was named as the inventor of radio in 1885 but this has been dismissed after studies showed that he based his invention on the experiments that had been created by the Hertz research through Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was therefore recognized as the father of wireless telegraphy because he was able to patent a means that was able to produce some waves of radio frequency. With his U.S. Patent 447,920, also known as Method of Operating Arc-Lamps which was released on March 10, 1891, radio became a reality.

Tesla was able to describe a type of alternator that was able to produce a high frequency current for a specific time period of about ten thousand hertz. This innovation was considered as a suppression of sound from arc lamps which were mainly operated by pulsating or alternating current via frequencies which were beyond the human hearing range. During the initial stages of the research and during the wave propagation experiments for the radio, Tesla used resonance transformer which used a high voltage, it was also known as the Tesla coil and This aerial had a top-loaded type of electrical conductor that had a connection made to a terminal with a high voltage of a transformer.

Radio has evolved over the years into outstanding sound and woofer systems.


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