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Who Invented Crayons?


Crayons were invented in Europe but the inventor is not well-known. The crayons have been used to draw and write over the years. Crayons are made from a combination of oil and charcoal. The first crayons that were made had no other color apart from black.

In the later years, crayons of different pigments were invented so that now the crayons being used are colored. In the latter years, more discoveries were made to the effect that the crayons made from wax oil are better in quality than those that are made in the traditional way. They were also proved to be easier to use than the first kind of crayons.

In the early 90’s, two cousins C. Harold Smith and Edwin Binney came up with Crayola crayons that are widely used. This invention was made in 1903 using carbon black.

This component was however toxic and needed to be replaced with one that is not toxic to prevent harm. They came up with crayons made from charcoal and oil and later modified ones from powdered pigments that were not toxic. These crayons were easier to use and studier. They also came in different colors to serve various preferences of the users. Crayons have undergone thorough modification over years and they come in handy to drawer’s and painter’s; children also use crayons a lot as they master drawing and coloring skills.


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