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Who Invented Boxing?


Boxing, which is at times referred to as pugilism or western boxing presents a combat sport that usually involves two people who have the same mass weights fighting with each other using their fists. According to the legends, Apollo was the one that invented boxing. The sport was later on launched in 688 BCE as part of the Olympic Games. While boxing, all the boxers had to put on himantes, which were soft thongs or straps that were made from the hide of oxen. These straps were tied around the hands of the boxers to make their wrists and fingers stronger. The himantes were later transformed to hardened straps of leather for stronger blows. During the 4th Century BCE, these himantes were changed to be gloves having wool layers on the inner sides. Later on, Romans used caestus, which were gloves used for boxing that resembled weapons and also had layers of lead and iron.

During boxing matches, there was no limited time, cheering squads and weight tutorials. The matches came to a conclusion when a challenger raised a finger or two to mean that he has been defeated. At this point, the boxing officials would permit resting breaks. Genital blows were against the boxing regulations; holding was also not allowed. In the same way, the contestants were prohibited from wearing pigskin himantes.

To speed up the match conclusion, the competitors possibly would take on the climax, when both contestants took turns in remaining still as the opponent pummeled them. Boxing is a fun game to numerous wrestlers worldwide, thanks to the inventor.


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