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Who Discovered India?


The initial inhabitants of India included the Dravidians, Tamils as well as the Malayalam peoples. As early as 2700 B.C Sumerians from the land of Mesopotamia had began to trade with the inhabitants of India. Later on, other people like Babylonians, Elamites and Assyrians followed suit.

Around 2000 B.C, a group of Aryans invaded India and conquered it, bringing with them their religion, which later came to be known as Hinduism. Many languages such as Punjabi, Guajarati and Bengali came about from these invaders.

The first European to get to India was Alexander the Great who reached in 330 B.C and conquered a part of it. His successors who were the Greek

Seleucids made kingdoms there for a period of about one hundred and fifty years. Christian missionaries began arriving in India around the second century and began to spread Christianity. They were active through to the Middle Ages and Christianity survives to this day in some parts of India.

The first latter Europeans to make it to India were the Portuguese who were surprised to find some Christians already there. Later on Dutch, Spanish French and English began trade routes to India and ended up fighting over it with the British finally colonizing it.


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