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What Causes Rash?


A rash is a very common condition of the skin. In infants alone, rashes can develop from time to time. There are many types of rashes as well as different causes. A rash is simply the body’s way of telling us that there is something wrong.

For example, if you have eaten nuts and you don’t know you’re allergic to it, then you can develop rashes in your skin. The rashes tell you that you are allergic to nuts. So to know more about rash and what causes rash, continue reading below.

Rashes take several forms. A cluster of red dots is one form of rashes. At the same time, a large reddish patch on your skin may also be a rash. There are so many forms of rashes and can come in various sizes and shapes. Sometimes, rashes can be painful while in some, you won’t feel anything at all. More often than not, rashes are sore, itchy and can feel stinging our skin.

The most common areas you’ll find rashes in your body are the arms, face, neck, and back. In fact it can occur anywhere in your body including your scalp, the genital area, and even across the torso. When you have rashes, headaches and a feeling of illness may also be felt together with the rashes. As there are many types of rashes, there are also many causes. Let’s discuss what causes rashes next.

  1. Allergies, as mentioned in the example above, are the most common cause of rashes. There are numerous types of allergies that affect different people. Some have allergies caused by pet’s hair. Others have allergies on food. Some experience allergies when they drink alcoholic beverages. Other people get allergies on certain medications. Believe it or not, some people even have allergic reactions to water. Even air pollution and certain chemicals in cosmetics can cause allergies that cause your rashes. In fact, even certain types of fabrics can be the cause. There’s a multitude of allergies out there and all those can lead to rashes visible through an eruption on the skin.
  2. On the other hand, rashes can also be caused by something that you’ve come in contact with. There are a number of plants that when touched by the skin can cause rashes to appear. One very common example would be the poison ivy plant. At the same time, harsh household detergents can also cause rashes once your skin gets exposed to them.
  3. Aside from the two, rashes can also result from an infection. Examples would be yeast infection, athlete’s foot, chicken pox, and even viral infections from sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. You can also develop rashes through certain parasites such as worms or scabies.


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