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Relic Watches – How They Came to Be?


Relic watches come in a variety of styles and are available at great price points. They are made by the Fossil company and can be considered one of Fossil’s more popular products.

While some might think the Relic line as being a cheap version of a Fossil watch, they are, in fact, good watches in their own right. After reading this article, you will know a little bit about the company who makes Relic watches as well as how to pick out the best watch that will suit your personality and style.

When Fossil came into the watchmaking scene in the mid eighties, they knew they needed to make an impact as a new company. To do so, they broke the mold by concentrating their watches on current design trends instead of restricting themselves to the more traditional style watches that other companies had been making for years.

In the beginning, all of Fossil’s watches were quite expensive. This led to consumers viewing them more as jewelry than watches that could be used in a practical and functional way. In response to this, Fossil set out to reach a larger market by way of their Relic line of watches. These new models were of a similar design but were to be sold at a much lower price point to attract the average consumer.

Both Fossil and Relic watches come in similar styles yet they both have their own individual features that set them apart from each other. However, most people have no clue who makes the Relics because it is not readily apparent as to their origin. Perhaps the easiest way to tell that they are both timepieces come from the same company is by the similarities in their designs.

When looking for a new Relic watch, there are quite a few unique lines to choose from. Two such lines are the Vibe and the Wet. The Vibes are both current and trendy, yet offer unique straps to set them off from the rest of the crowd. The Wet, however, provides function with style in a sporty design that is made for under water use.

No matter what you may be after, chances are you can find great Relic watches at prices you can afford.


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