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How to Use Ziphone


Ziphone presents an application for successful unlocking of iphones. It is used to jailbreak iphones in windows system for both the latest classic versions and the old versions. The version used in this tutorial is 2.5c.

The step by step guidelines on how people should use Ziphones are:

  • Download then save them on the desktop iPhone firmware 1.1.4 from their downloading links.
  • Open the iTunes and then connect the iPhones.
  • Hold the shift key on Window systems or similarly hold down the key labeled ‘Option’ key on the on Mac then press on the ‘Restore’.
  • Browse through the Desktop or whichever location that users used in saving them then click twice on the option labeled “iPhone1, 1_1.1.4_4a102_restore”.
  • On completion of the 1.1.4 restoration process, the iTunes will give authority to the users to name their setups and restore contacts.
  • Download then save the most current versions of the ZiPhone (2.5c) to desktops using the links provided for downloading.
  • After downloading, click twice on the ‘ZiPhonewin-2.5c.exe’, users can navigate to the place they prefer most and immediately after navigation, ZiPhone will start functioning.
  • In the ZiPhone, press on the ‘do it all’ provision and allow enough time for ziphone to perform its tasks, which would take approximately three minutes.
  • At that time, users will be having Jailbroken iPhones 1.1.4 functioning.
  • Turn the auto lock to never by moving from ‘settings’ to ‘general’ to ‘lock’ then finally ‘never’.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi networks if necessary then run the installer from the iPhone home screen.
  • Download “OpenSSH” and “BSD Subsystem”.
  • If one has not yet downloaded WinSCP, this stage would be the best time to do that.
  • When already installed, run it.
  • Using the right hand, click twice on the ‘library’ slot and then the ‘lockdown’ option’.
  • Delete “data_ark.plist”, “device_public_key.pem” and “device_private_key.pem”.
  • On ‘aviation records’, click twice and if files are in it, delete them. Go back to the initial folder once through with this by pressing the backspace key.
  • Click twice on “pair_records” then get rid of any files within and press the backspace key.
  • Download then save the YouTube files for activation called SpikeyMikey303’s.
  • Drag then drop”data_ark.plist”, “device_public_key.pem” and “device_private_key.pem” to winscp then press copy.
  • Click twice on the “activation_records” under WinSCP, drag then drop “89014103211556075053” file from the files that have been downloaded.


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