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How to Use Pokesav?


Pokesav is a computer program that was developed by a Japanese programmer. The program is used for editing Pearl, Platinum and Diamond save files. There is another version of Pokesav that is used only to edit Pearl or Diamond save file, while another is used only to edit Platinum file.

The program allows game players to edit game aspects such as Pokemon, the in-game records and inventory. Creating a Pokemon using Pokesav takes place in minutes compared to the hours it might take training the Pokemon. To know how to use the Pokesav, read below.

Get Started

Pokesav can be used in two major ways. First, transfer the Pokemon save file to the computers hard disk and the use Pokesav to edit it. The other method is to generate AR (Action Relay) codes using Pokesav and then edit the game. With the relevant equipments, editing files saved on the computer is much simpler than using generated AR codes. Nevertheless, both methods produce the same outcomes.

Using Action Replay Codes

  • Generate AR codes by editing anything that needs to be changed in Pokesav. When editing is complete, from the main window click on the button labeled “AR DS Code Output”.
  • Select the boxes on the output screen, depending on what was edited. For instance, if ID and Select ID was edited, select these boxes.
  • Press the “save file” button. Doing this enables Pokesav to export the appropriate AR Codes and save them as XML files. The XML file should be then imported to the AR Code Manager and be transferred to the ARDS.
  • Open the codes with either Pokemon Pearl or Diamond. To activate the AR codes press L+R.
  • Alternatively, the AR Cods can be pasted manually into the Code Manager. To manually paste the codes, open the XML file using a text editor such as Notepad. There will be two codes, thus choose the appropriate code and paste it into the Code Manager.
  • Ensure that not many codes are opened simultaneously since this may make the game to crash.

Using Flash Cart

  • Get a device that will be able to back up as well as restore saves from the retail DS carts.
  • Transfer the save file using the save back up device from the Pokemon cartridge to the PC. The save file can be either 256 KB or 512 KB.

Before loading the program, ensure that there is a back up of the save file. Select the appropriate file size and then choose the save file by clicking on the button labeled “open”. Edit the save file, before transferring it back to the game cart. With pokesav, editing games such as pokemon has never been easier.


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