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How to Use International Directory Assistance?


This is a step by step guide on how to use international directory assistance. By learning how to avail of this service, you will be able to communicate with friends, associates and loved ones living in distant places.


First of all you must know the full name of the person you are calling. Some personal information about the individual may also be required. There are three methods you can use. The first requires knowing the company code. The second is to dial a toll-free number. The third is the 00 option.

Using the Company Code

To use this technique, find the caller’s long distance provider company code. There are usually three numbers, but some have four. Once you have the code, dial 101 plus the company code. After the operator answers, have the call moved to the directory assistance.

How to Utilize Toll Free Numbers

This is another technique that you can rely on. The procedure is as follows: dial 1-800-225-5288. You will hear a recording play. Dial 21 after the recording is done. Dial 0. Now you just have to wait for the operator to place the call to the proper service.

The Dial 00 Method

If you are studying how to use international directory assistance, here is another method worth considering. Dial 00. A voice recording will be played. Obey the instructions that are relayed. You will then hear an operator take the call. Request the operator to place the call to the international directory assistance.


When using the directory service, keep in mind that it takes some time to connect a call. Don’t hang up on the operator or you have to repeat everything again. The waiting time is usually a minute. The cost will vary. The charge depends on where the call will be made and the service provider. Problems can be avoided by consulting other people. Ask them if they have tried the service and how much it costs.

Or you can search the Internet. There are several websites that offer information on the subject. Most of these have automation features to bring down expenses. Custom database software is now used for determining locations quickly. Automated read back systems are now used to facilitate current and incoming calls.

If you are learning how to use international directory assistance, it is best to start with the dial 00 method. It is the quickest. However, the other methods are reliable too.


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