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How to Use Fence Pliers?


Fence pliers are an essential tool for anyone hoping to erect a stable fence around his or her homestead, mark boundaries or keep animals within a designated area.

Small, pliers represent one of the most useful tools that you can have in your home. This is because the pliers can be used to:

  • Cut wires,
  • Pull staples,
  • Hammer in nails,
  • Form loops on wires,
  • Stretch barbed wire,
  • Crimp ferrules,
  • Twist wire strands
  • Leverage objects by their firm grasp.
  • You can use the fence pliers to work on both wooden and metal posts.

To effectively use the pliers, observe the following:

  • Apply a firm grasp when working with the pliers. The gripping feature is commonly used to straighten slack wires or staples. To efficiently do this, you will need to grab the piece of wire or staple you are working on, and then lever it in order to get rid of the slack.
  • Use the jaws to strain the wire as you twist, knot or tie it. How tight the wire will be depends on how tight or loose your grip is. A loose grip allows the wire to slide through thus making a loose fence, while a tight grip enables you to pull the wire a bit more thus making a firmer fence.

Fencing pliers are also known as combination pliers due to their ability to perform multiple tasks. The pliers are not only easy to use, but are also readily obtainable from most equipment stores. To determine the intensity of work that the pliers you purchased can handle, check what metal they are made of. Most pliers’ jaws are made of cooper, steel or corrugated iron, and this determines the types of wire that the pliers can cut. Another factor that determines the type of work you can use the pliers for are the handles. Most pliers’ manufacturers cover the pliers handle with PVC material to give the equipment a firm, comfortable grip. In addition to the handle cover, you need to consider how well your hands grip the handle because this will directly affect the cutting power applied on the pliers.

Overall, you can use the different pliers’ parts as follows:

1.Use the flat head on the pliers to hit staple heads.

2.Use the hook to pull out staples.

3.Use the jaws to cut wires.

4.Use the grasp to twist, pull and knot wires.

5.Use the grasp and the flat head to leverage and tighten wires when fencing.



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