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How to Use a Transit?


The transit is used by professionals in measuring the vertical and horizontal angles as well as prolonging straight lines. The transit can also be used in determining the differences in elevation.

It is basically a telescope, which is capable of revolving around vertical and horizontal axes, having mechanisms that are used to measure angles. The readings achieved enable the professional to map a site and be able to determine the position of the features with great accuracy. There are several ways in which the transit can be used:

Get Parcel Layout

There is the need to have the deed of a property as well as its legal description and the surrounding area’s map. Get them from the office of the county recorder. Other deed could specify the other documents needed.

Establish Control

Locate the POC or ‘Point of Commencement’ as the legal documents describe them. Locate any lot corners and other evidence for surveying. This should be done on both the property and any other property in the area that one has access to. The ‘X’ marks can be formed on concrete using chisels and on any other place like walls.

Create a Bearing Basis

Another control point is selected and should be 100 yards or more from one of the other control points. The far away it is the better. The point must appear on the area map.

A Control Mark Is Set

Locate a spot that one is able to see the majority of the control points available, the back corners that can later be establish. Mark with a nail or a paint spot whichever is necessary.

Rent Total Station

This measures a distance by just pushing a button. Set the theolodite or transit up over the mark that was set. This can be a bit complicated and one can use a peep hole at the base of the unit or a plumb bob can be used. The tripod should be used in a way that the unit is directly over the mark and at the same time the device should level.

Level the Device

Two thumb wheels and two bubbles should be at the unit’s base. They should be adjusted in a way that all the bubbles are centralized. Recheck the peep hole and the device’s position should be adjusted by loosening the plate below and sliding this device so that the cross-hairs on the ground are marked or beneath the plumb bob.

A transit is very important equipment that is normally used in construction sites to check the accuracy for the landscape so as to have accurate horizontal and vertical measures as well as straight measure. Without this equipment it would be impossible to have stable landscaping thus making any construction unstable.


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