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How to Pick a Lock with a Hairpin


If you don’t know how to pick a lock with a hairpin, the proceeding information will explain how it is done. Once you learn the method, you probably won’t need to call a blacksmith.

Assess the Lock

Evaluate the lock; the most common are the turn-style and push-button locks. Hairpins are most suitable for push-button locks. The first thing you should do is flatten the hairpin. Be careful that it doesn’t snap in two.

Opening Push Button Locks

If it is a push-button type, insert the hairpin in the middle of the lock. Push the hairpin inside. Eventually it will unlock. There are push-button knobs with an opening in the knob’s right or left. This is comparable to those with holes in the center. However, it doesn’t affect the procedure. Just place the hairpin in either hole. Keep pressing until the lock opens.

Opening Turn Style Locks

If you are still learning how to pick a lock with a hairpin, just put the pin inside the lock. Move it as you would an ordinary key. Keep trying and the door will eventually open.

Making Adjustments

It usually doesn’t take a lot of pressing or turning to unlock bolted doors. For sensitive types, you’ll need to adjust the position of the hairpin. With some locks, you have to apply pressure on certain areas. You have to be patient in looking for the pressure point.

Two Hairpins

Some people have had success using two hairpins. They are most effective on locks that require a lot of pressure. Try with one hairpin. If it doesn’t work, use with another pin. Make sure that they are adjacent. The methods to be used are the same as those specified above.

Other Information

These techniques are most effective with simple locks. The complex types will not give in as readily. Sensitive locks might also suffer damage if they are opened with hairpins.

Some people prefer to hammer a lock, but hairpins are often more effective. Usually any type will suffice. But thin hairpins are preferred because of their flexibility. It is essential that they have ridges.

All keys have these and it isn’t for aesthetic purposes.
The ridges are used to locate their match inside lock. Once found, the lock opens. The same principle applies to ridged hairpins.

Getting yourself locked out can be very frustrating. But by knowing how to pick a lock with a hairpin, it won’t be a problem.


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