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How to Make a Female Toga?


A toga was traditional attire that was easy to make and it began as a costume party, which had an emphasis on looking silly to be funny and there was no need for craft skills. This clothing item was also worn in ancient times by the Romans, which had origins from Etruscan.

It marked a person’s citizenship but nowadays the attire is worn for special occasions. Making a female toga is a simple procedure that begins by choosing a sheet.

  • A clean white sheet was and still is the most widely used material for making a toga. There could be a cream or off white sheet color if one has a skin tone that is warm but the bright white color looks better on rosy complexions. There are other types of sheet that have a pattern or a bold color, which is also wearable.
  • The next step is to choose ties that are for holding the sheet in place. Try making it as simple as possible so that it looks authentic like the Roman clothing.
  • A tad of brown rope is a perfect match for holding the sheet in place. There may be other options such as a gold cord that exudes flair just as a ‘noble Roman’ used to wear.
  • The third step is to wrap the toga from the front to the back and top to bottom.
  • To make the toga asymmetrical, the centre of the sheet is simply tuck under the left armpit and the top corners are tied over the right shoulder.
  • The front of this toga should be wrapped well against the right side and the back of the toga is also wrapped well against the right side on top of that.
  • Safety pins can be used down the right side to have the toga closed.
  • The ties that one chooses are used as the Roman Clothing style belts.
  • If someone wants to make a female toga that is a little more defined right above the bust area, create a cuff from another tie piece for the costume strap on the right shoulder.

After this, it is up to the wearer to decide what else to wear to preserve ones modesty. A tank top or a t-shirt is suitable to evade any accidents. If the clothing is well pinned, have an asymmetrical or strapless bra under the toga. The last tip is to add accessories to the attire and accompany the toga with sandals which are a must.


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