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How to Make a Bow and Arrow?


Bows and arrows were used centuries back for battle and it has also been associated with major icons such as Robin Hood and cupid. This elegant weapon is today a can easily be made at home using basic supplies.

In order to be able to effectively recreate the bow and arrow it is necessary to examine many models as possible and see all the designs and dimensions that have been created. Professional bow and arrow models are available in many sports goods stores.

It is also important to find any literature on bow and arrows to gather additional information.

  • The needed materials are wood and string. The specific wood has to be chosen for the bow as well as the arrows. Material for the arrow heads and bow string also have to be considered at this point. The wood to use should be dry.
  • After the suitable wood is found, remove attached twigs if any and the shaping process can begin.
  • Sand the piece of wood along its natural curve until it becomes smooth and is sufficiently able to bend. However, it should not be brittle enough to break.
  • The middle part should be slightly thicker than the ends.
  • Ensure a notch is made near both the ends of the wood, which the bow string will pass through.
  • Take the bowstring and cut it to its appropriate length and tie it to the bow in a way that it will have sufficient tension when it is drawn back.
  • The sticks used for arrows should be made from straight sticks whose wood should be dead and dry. Green wood is not suitable but it could work if it is allowed to naturally dry out.
  • Each of the arrows is required to be approximately half the length of the bow. Its length should also be the same measurement as the draw back of the bowstring. They should be well shaped and smoothened on their circumference.
  • A notch is made at the end of the arrow as this helps the bowstring be accommodated. If not completely straight, an arrow maybe straightened by being heated it on top of hot coals.

Ensure the arrow does not burn and after being heated it should be held straight as it cools. An arrow head can simply by carving a pointed edge on the arrow and then hardening it over a fire. Or one can attach a piece of metal, glass or bone on a notch in front of the arrow. Some feathers may be cut and stuck or notched into the back end of the arrow.


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