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How to Cook Peas?


There are many ways to cook peas. At the same time, peas can be used in tons of dishes. If you are a lover of peas, then perhaps you’d like to learn more about how to cook peas.

Here you’ll learn a few tips on how to cook peas and learn how to cook peas at the same time. Let’s begin!

How to Cook Green Peas

Perhaps the most common and easiest way to cook peas, especially green peas, is by boiling them. They also taste well with other vegetables like carrots and asparagus. They are also often served with beans, carrots, and corn. You can also serve peas with meat and poultry dishes. They are common in soups and stews. To cook fresh peas, here’s what you should do.

  1. First rinse the peas with their pods intact under running water.
  2. Now, shell your peas by pulling off the thread along the seam. Snap off the ends of the pods. Open the pod to remove the peas. No need to redo the rinsing for your peas.
  3. Now, grab a pot and place in your peas.
  4. Cover with water and boil for about 10 up to 15 minutes.
  5. After that, you are done cooking your green peas. You can use it as a side dish or serve with your other dishes.
  6. If you are using cooked frozen green peas, usually you just need to reheat them or boil them longer if cooked frozen. Make sure to follow the package directions for best results.

How to Cook Snow Peas

Snow peas can be used raw or cooked. They are great for salads and appetizers if served raw. However, if cooked, snow peas can be used similarly like fresh green peas. Like green peas, you may boil, steam, or stir-fry snow peas. Here is how to stir-fry snow peas.

  1. First rinse your snow peas under cold running water.
  2. Next, cut off your snow peas by removing the ends with a sharp knife.
  3. Prepare your sauce pan by heating on medium heat with enough cooking oil. You can use a cooking oil spray or just about a tablespoon of oil just to line the pan with oil. You may use a sauce pan or wok alternatively.
  4. Now, simply stir-fry your snow peas for about 5 to 7 minutes and you’re done.
  5. Serve your snow peas while they’re hot.


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