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How to Cook Mushrooms?


Before we begin to learn how to cook mushrooms, it’s best to know about it in more detail. Learning the different types of mushrooms will help you a lot later on when cooking various dishes that require a certain type of mushroom.

At the same time, you should first learn about how to buy or where to buy those mushrooms and then next, learn how to cook mushrooms the right way. Here are a few tips on how to cook mushrooms.

  1. In most dishes, different varieties of mushrooms can be used interchangeably. Take for example, in sautéed beef and vegetable dishes, you can use button mushrooms but you can also use Shitake mushrooms among other types depending on your taste.If you prefer purchasing dried mushrooms, you can reconstitute them before cooking. Simply place the dried mushrooms in a bowl with warm liquid such as water, wine, or broth, and let stand for about 15 to 30 minutes prior to cooking. Drain the mushrooms and rinse. Let it dry on paper towels and you’re ready to cook.

  2. When reconstituting dried mushrooms, the liquid you use adds flavor to your dishes such as soups and stews. It would be best to strain the liquid you are using in a double layer of cheesecloth before using. You can also use unprinted paper towels as a substitute to cheesecloth.

  3. If you want to cook marinated mushrooms. Simply clean button mushrooms with your favorite marinade such as vinaigrette. Cover it and refrigerate for 2 days.

  4. To slice your mushrooms easily, it’s great to use an egg slicer to get even cuts.

  5. When cutting the edges of mushrooms, they tend to turn darker as they are exposed to air. If you are serving your mushrooms raw, make sure to cut right before serving. Alternatively, you may wipe the cut edges with lemon juice.

  6. If you want to make mushroom powder just to add that mushroom flavor to your dishes like soups, stocks, and sauces among others, simply grind your dried mushrooms using a spice or coffee grinder. You can also use a heavy-duty blender or food processor.

  7. If you are cooking light colored mushrooms, don’t use aluminum pans as they tend to discolor them.

  8. When you want to cook mushrooms in a microwave, you don’t need to add water because it’s already full of water inside. Just don’t cover when you microwave your mushrooms.

  9. Mushroom stems aren’t trash. You can put them to good use. Trim your mushroom steps and freeze them until you’re ready to use. You can add them to soups and stocks to add that mushroom flavor.
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