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How to Build a Roller Coaster?


A simple roller coaster can be made from simple materials as a fun project for children. Marble is one of the most ideal materials to use to make the roller coaster. Parents may find time to make the roller coaster with their children using the simple materials.

The following procedure should be followed in making the roller coaster:

  • Create the design that is desired for the roller coaster or obtain a ready made design online and select the materials that will be required for that particular design.
  • Gather the necessary materials such as toilet rolls, card board and foil as well as glue or tape.
  • Tape the series of toilet rolls together to make a tube. Cardboard tubes can also be used alongside foil to make tunnels through which the marbles will pass.
  • Make joints and twists in between the tubing using pieces of foam pipes. The foam pipe is used since it is malleable so that it can be bent to make curves, as well as up and down areas.
  • Make the jumps and hills using the foam pipes where the marbles will pass through. The jumps can be modified with time to make the roller coaster more exciting.
  • Attach the tunnel to something that is high like a mantel piece, a couch, a chair or any other furniture for support.
  • Ensure that the piece of furniture is out of the house. Alternatively, the pipe can be attached to a structure that is made outside the house such as a wood base or a cardboard structure.
  • To make the outside base structure, glue can be used to fix the cardboard or raffia if the structure is permanently made for the marbles. If the structure is temporary tape should be used to attach the tunnel.
  • Ensure that the support is stable enough to support the roller coaster.
  • Test the roller coaster by rolling some marbles on it. If the marbles do not roll smoothly make adjustments to the tunnel. This can be done by fiddling with it until it is smooth enough for the marbles to roll effectively.
  • The angles of the tunnels can also be changed to increase the effectiveness of the rollercoaster.

Ensure that the roller coaster is stored in a safe place where it cannot get damaged by either the elements of the weather or passersby.


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