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How to Build a Pyramid?


One major interest in the culture of ancient Egypt and every household are learning about the pyramids of Egypt. One exceptional learning project that any family may feel compelled to indulge in is building a pyramid model.

For this project to be accomplished, there are a few steps that an individual is required to accomplish:

  • The pyramid design should first be made and pictures of authentic pyramids used for basing the sketch on. Pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians built from stone blocks to preserve the style of the traditional pyramid by using blocks to design the pyramid. Wooden blocks were used to temporarily build sample models for a final model to be drawn and sketched. The plans for building the pyramid should be researched including a scale model depiction of the real pyramids.
  • The next step is determining the materials required to accomplish the project. Despite Styrofoam and wood being good materials, clay and Plaster of Paris are quite ideal to use. You’ll also need glue or adhesive is also required if the strategy includes using plaster, Styrofoam or wood.
  • An individual should begin building from the base moving upwards. If Plaster of Paris is chosen as the medium, an ice-cube tray should be used in forming the blocks of the pyramid. Trays should be coated using petroleum jelly prior to pouring the plaster to ensure the cubes are easily removed after the hardening of the plaster.
  • Sand the pyramid edges after it’s dry and cut the edges off with a sharp blade if you used clay or Styrofoam. Wood or plaster sand paper should be used because it is better when the edges require smoothing. A’ level should be used to ensure flat edges are attained.
  • The pyramid may be painted if desired although the original pyramids were primarily sandy-colored due to the fact that desert sand was used for building them.
  • A sealant should be used for sealing the project and for painted pyramid models, a sealant aids in offering protection from wear and tear.

A model kit for the pyramid is commercially available and should be bought since they generally consist of all the required items in a single convenient package. When using Plaster of Paris, a mask should be worn to protect the lungs from breathing-in this material’s dry form. A mask is particularly used for young children and individuals with existing breathing complications. Extra care should be taken with sharp items like knives as well as various cutting tools.


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