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How to Build a Porch?


Porches are an extension of our homes, and a  fantastic places to gather for family and friends. If you follow the steps outlined below, you can construct great porches and have a socializing place throughout the year. The DIY project will also be a fun filled experience. So, let’s get started.

The procedures are:

  1. Lay the bottoms of 2 x 4 boards to generate sill plates using lumbers that are pressure treated at the same time ensuring sill plated are square.
  2. Tie up sill plate corners to concrete floors by using the concrete anchors. This is done by drilling the concrete and inserting plastic anchors, then securing sill plated by means of screwing the lag bolts in the plastic anchors.
  3. Secure wood layers to the sill plate tops. It would then be accurate to rim the bottoms of the interior walls for extra beautification.
  4. Entrench the plate tops by propping studs against the sill plates and walls and then momentarily locking them. Putting boards for top plates next to the ceilings will then be next. This will be done by propping them on the upper studs while at the same time making use of other studs for supporting the opposite side then the locations will be marked.
  5. Eliminate base plates for whichever doorways through cutting them with reciprocating handsaws or saws will follow the stage of making locations.
  6. Check screen widths to get to know where to install the wall studs. Two studs that will be on both sides will be used for the door frames to adjoin the screen hinges.
  7. Use level chalk lines for making lines on stud walls and should be 32 inches way up from the floor base.
  8. Create top rails and toenail screws along the furthest ends of the 2 x 4 feet boards immediately after reducing them to appropriate lengths. Using two studs, they should be secured horizontally.
  9. Determine the top rail lengths and those of the sill plates then reducing the foot boards that measure 2 x 2 to those lengths.
  10. Installing doorsteps in the top sides and the door area regions just after the doors have been framed.
  11. Prime the porch frames and screen doors then begin painting. Painting tapes should be used on screens to avoid premier from being on it.
  12. Cut screens to the required lengths and applying staples on them ensuring one of the sides are stapled to studs. Then stretch them and staple other sides as well. After that, trim laths, prime, paint them and install them to cover up screen edges.
  13. Hang up screen doors by pitting laths beneath them to generate gaps that have dimensions of quarter inches will be the last stage in constructing the porches. Putting together the doors and walls studs should be done using wall hinges.

If you follow the guidelines given above, we guarantee you will have a great looking porch you can be proud of.


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