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How to Build a Pergola


Pergolas are outside structures that are constructed as part of improving the appearance of the backyard or the front lawn. A pergola adds beauty to the garden or the yard and thus is perfect for those who want to impress neighbors and guests.

The process for building a pergola is simple. The building instructions are as follows.

  • Get the building approval from the local council authority. In some states, one has to get appropriate permits or licenses before putting up additional structures. It is advisable to get the approval to avoid being penalized by the authorities.
  • Choose the perfect location for the pergola. Ensure that the location chosen for the pergola is level or even. Determine the appropriate size of the pergola. When choosing the size, one must take into consideration the available space.
  • Use strings and pegs to lay out the grid for the pergola. Ensure the lines marked with the strings are parallel and straight. Measure the spots where the posts will be put. Using a powder put marks where the upright posts will be placed. When marking the spots, ensure the spots are directly opposite each other.
  • Use any digging tool to dig holes on the already marked areas. Ensure the bottom of all the holes are level then place a concrete pad measuring 12 inches inside the hole. Instead of the concrete pads, one can place the poles straight away. When doing this ensure the depth of the posts is at least 12 inches.
  • Use bolts to firmly secure a support post measuring 4 x 4 inch x 8 foot into each concrete pad. Using a marker place 4 inches marks on each side of the posts.
  • Using a table saw cut four cedar support crossbeams measuring 2 by 6 inches long. Place the cut crossbeams on each pair of the front posts. Ensure the beams are level with the 4 inch marks placed on the posts. Secure all the four beams to the posts using either screws or bolts.
  • Cut side beams for all the spaces between the support posts. The side beam should measure two by six inches.
  • Place one of the side beams on the outside front post below the crossbeam. Secure the side beam in place using a nail then place the side beams’ end onto the next post. Use bolts to firmly secure the side beam. Using the same procedure, place the remaining side beams.

Fit pre-manufactured trellis to all the spaces between the support posts. Personalize the pergola by adding flowers or plants.


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