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How to Build a Deck Roof?


Decks are made for outdoor relaxation and recreation but considering that they are located outside they are subject to whether conditions and when harsh weather takes over, it can upset a good time.

Building a structure over the deck can ensure that entertainment goes on even when the weather is not favorable. The following steps should be followed when building a roof deck.

  • The required materials are as follows; 2 x 4” lumber, 2 x 6 “lumber, 4 x 4” lumber, tin roofing, three quarter inch plywood, 8” lag bolts and aluminum flashing
  • The roof frame should be constructed on the ground by framing up a box, by using the necessary dimensions of the outer perimeter of the deck. Two by four inch lumber is used for this task.
  • Joists are run to connect the front and back of the roof
  • The already existing deck posts are extended on the corners with the use of the four by four lumber. The roof deck’s front is to be the equal to the house’s height and the rear should slope six inches after two feet.
  • The box frame that was built in the first step should be lifted on the corner posts and joined with lag bolts.
  • When it is determined that the box frame is steady and secure the plywood can be installed above the frame to make a plane on which the tin can be nailed on.
  • Tar paper can then be installed on the sub roofing and thereafter the tin roofing can be laid on. The tin roof should be tied to the existing roof with the use of metal flashing, which is widely available at hardware supplies stores. When this is done it will ensure that the junction of the deck roof and the house roof is sufficiently waterproof.

One should note the following points when building a deck roof. Roof guidelines for roof pitch are used in order to ensure proper drainage and a durability of the roof’s surface. Remember to always use protective gear throughout the process to minimize the chances of injury.

The wood used should be treated, however it is not advisable to use wood treated with chromate copper or CCA which has been known to contain significant amounts of arsenic. The scraps of sawdust from the treated wood should be disposed of and not burnt.


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