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How Long to Cook Potatoes?


Potatoes can be cooked in several different ways. You can boil them, bake them, fry them, steam them, or even grill them as you please. Now if you are wondering how long to cook potatoes, then the answer should depend on how you are cooking your potatoes.

Let’s discuss one by one the ways on how to cook potatoes and how long it takes for potatoes to cook. Continue reading to get started.

One of the many ways to cook potatoes is by boiling them. If you are making mashed potatoes, the first thing you’ll have to do is to boil them. Same goes when you use potatoes for salads. You’ll have to boil your potatoes first before you cut them and add them up to your favorite potato salads. So the question is, how long to cook potatoes if you are boiling them?

This can also depend on how you want your potatoes done. Do you want it to retain a bit firm for your salads? Or do you want it really soft for your mashed potatoes? Typically, your potatoes will be done in 20 minutes provided that the water is already boiling

when you add your potatoes. In a pot, heat water until it boils. Once it boils, add in your potatoes. After about 20 minutes, you can try forking in your potatoes to see how tender it is. Now, another factor on the length of cooking potatoes is how big your potatoes are. Of course, if you use really small potatoes, they will become tender easily. If you use bigger than average sized potatoes, you’ll have to add a couple of minutes more. Now the key to cooking your potatoes faster is by cutting it in half or quarter, to make the cooking time faster.

Now if you plan to bake your potatoes and wonder how long to cook potatoes in the oven, it will again depend on different factors. It will depend on what temperature you used, if you have already preheated your oven before hand, if there are other dishes you’re cooking in the oven, and if how many potatoes you are cooking. Typically, if set your oven somewhere between 350 to 425 F and you only have a couple of small potatoes in a preheated oven, then it will take about 30 to 45 minutes. On the other hand if you are using larger potatoes, it can take about an hour. The best way to know if your potatoes are done is by forking it. If the fork goes in easily, then your potatoes are done.

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