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Different Types of Airplanes


There are various types of aircraft that you can find in today’s generation. There are the helicopters, twin pistons, turboprops, executive jets, airliners, and cargo aircrafts.

Now these aircrafts or air transportations each have their different types. Before we go into different airplanes used by the airliners, let’s distinguish each of the types of aircrafts one by one.

Let’s start with the cargo aircraft. The Cargo Aircraft is an airplane that carries any type of cargo. These types of airplanes carry all sorts of cargo ranging from airplanes that can carry huge amounts of goods to those smaller planes that carry just a few small yet important parts. At the same time, they can also be airplanes transporting goods at short notice.

The next type of aircraft is an airplane called executive jets. This kind of airplane can seat from 4 to 16 passengers. This kind if airplane is recommended for medium to long distance flights. It’s one of the fastest types of passenger airplanes to ride. Usually it is owned by rich individuals for private flights.

Next is the helicopter. A helicopter is actually a type of aircraft. It’s not like airplanes but similar. It is not suitable for long flights. In fact, it’s a recommended air transfer in between cities only or going from a city to an airport. It’s also a great and convenient way to go to remote destinations. It can seat only a few passengers typically less than 10 passengers. The Helicopter is also used in rescue operation, particularly by the marines.

The Turboprops is the next type of aircraft that is great for short to medium distance flights. It is ideal for about 2 to 4 hours of flight. It can seat from around 4 passengers to 70.

The Twin Pistons is the next kind of airplane that can seat only up to 8 passengers. It’s ideal for only short distance flights. It’s one of the most economical types of airplanes to ride in.

Lastly, the next type of airplane is the airliner. This is perhaps the most common type of airplane known to public. It’s what the various airlines use in providing air transportation for its customers flying from city to city or country to country. It can seat about 50 up to 400 passengers. The airliner is a large jet aircraft that can be used in short up to long distance flights.

As for the types of airliners, there are various types of airplanes to choose from. Although you may know that the most common types of airplanes used by airliners are the Boeing airplanes and the Airbus airplanes.


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