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Who Invented Shampoo?


The history of shampoo can be traced back to the ancient tribes of India. The specific date when shampoo was invented and the original inventor is not clearly known. However, the word shampoo has been used since the year 1762 and means ‘to massage’.

The word is borrowed from the Anglo-Indian shampoo which in turn is borrowed from the Hindi champo, a term that is imperative to champna and bears the same meaning as shampoo.

Dean Mahomed introduced the term ‘shampoo’ and opened a bath known as Mahomed’s Indian Vapor Baths in the year 1759 in Brighton where he introduced the service. The baths he introduced were similar to the Turkish baths but the clients received the Indian treatment using the Indian shampoo.

At first, shaved soap was boiled in water by the English hair stylists and herbs added to give hair the same glow and fragrance that is offered by shampoo. The first known maker of the shampoos is Kasey Hebert. The origin is therefore attributed to him. The first shampoos he made were sold in the streets of London, England. In the current day, shampoos have been made from different ingredients and fragrances. Indians also continue to make the shampoos with a wide range of formulations.


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