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How to Use Kismac?


KisMAC is considered to be one of the very best Mac Operating System OX available today. Kismac usually lacks a new programmer that helps in patching up other programmes and upgrading certain things.

The wireless drivers that are normally provided together with Kismac are not the best to be used with Apple Airport and it is evident that the Kismac in most cases will not be able to find the Airport card after it has run the Mac using the Airport drivers available in the Active mode.

  • One should restart the computer system to be able to load the original Apple port drivers again instead of using the Kismac. It has been noted that the Kismac can be used to crack most WEP passwords but this is illegal and considered to be a criminal offence.
  • To use Kismac, one should download the development code and then compile it. This is a very easy and a straightforward way to go about it.
  • Input the text that is responsible for blocking the format into the terminal but this should be done with a lot of attention being given to ensure that the input is in one line rather that separate lines.
  • Once this is complete, the Finder can be opened and the Kismac-source folder will be visible. When one opens this folder, the kismac.app will have been newly built and be able to work well with the Macbook but in a more passive mode.
  • The three commands found in the terminal have different functions to perform.
  • The first one is able to facilitate the download of the latest source and send them to the Kismac source folder and this is done at the level of the home.
  • The second command found in the terminal basically changes the direction path of the source towards the kismac-source directory.
  • The third command has the sole task of compiling the source. One should be wary and read and understand the documentation offered with the Kismac before using it.
  • Newer versions of the kismac are not able to pen test a network unless a USB adapter is used with the kismac. Some of the major uses of Kismac is testing the network for the weak passwords available, auditing and testing the vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi network and its security level, to localize Hotspots, confirming the channel use, for GPS feature (<3) and basically for playing around.


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