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How to Rent a Laptop?


Sometimes you just don’t have enough cash to buy a personal computer. Or, maybe you only need a laptop for a short period of time to try it out before you buy the same brand.

Whatever the reason, renting a laptop is a very easy process and there’s no reason why you too can’t rent a good quality for a while. EverydayGuide has the rundown on how you can rent your very own laptop.

Local: Before you rush to your computer and start looking for online laptop rental sites, consider this option. Check with your local computer stores and universities to see if they have laptop rental programs. Most small computer stores will have computers laying around that you can use for a few weeks. Don’t bother asking the big chains like Best Buy or Walmart for laptop rental, as they can’t offer those services. If your local computer stores don’t have computers to rent, your next stop is a university. Many colleges have laptop rental programs for their students. While you may have to be a student to rent laptops from the tech department in most cases, there’s the chance that your local university will rent a regular person a laptop.

Hotel: If you’re a frequent traveler and find yourself stuck on business trips without a computer to use, you can try asking the concierge at your hotel for a laptop to rent. Hotels usually have one or two computers that they rent out to guests. If the concierge can’t help you out, try checking the hotel’s business center. You may not be able to rent a laptop, but business centers generally have computers you can use for free or for a fee.

Library: Another place you can check is the local library. Libraries generally have computers that they can lend to members. Getting a library card is easy and usually just involves some paperwork. Laptop rental may not be for more than a few hours, but if you’re in desperate need of a computer, a laptop from the library may be of great help.

Online: If you choose to rent a laptop online, make sure you know all of the costs involved. Most people assume that the price advertised is what they’ll pay for rental, but if you’re ordering off the internet, shipping will be involved. Shipping a laptop back and forth costs money and you’re almost guaranteed to be the one to pay it. Make sure you figure out how much shipping is for the laptop and that it doesn’t put you over budget.


We always recommend that before you rent any laptop from somewhere, make sure that it’s exactly what you need and want. Laptop rental facilities have many different operating systems they can install for you and many different hardware configurations as well. Do a check before you leave the store or checkout online that you have everything as you need. Renting a laptop that doesn’t have the right operating system or hardware configuration may be a lot of trouble to fix.

It may be tough to find the best sites on the net to rent laptops from. One of our favorite sites http://www.rentacomputer.com/rentals/laptop.asp is a reputable and great source to rent from. To recap, remember to check the price of shipping and that the parts are what you need in your computer.


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