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How to Install Brick Steps


Before you begin installing your brick steps, you need to have the following materials and tools.

  • Brick
  • Concrete blocks
  • Portland cement fine sand
  • Water, rebar, 2×6” stock and nails

Once you have gathered the above,  read the following instructions before starting the actual work.

  • Make sure that the place where brick installation will be done is leveled and do away with all debris.
  • Frame the area to be stepped with a timber which is of high quality
  • Make sure that you use good quality bricks that is of your choice and that has aesthetic appeal.
  • Lay the bricks very carefully by using pieces of bricks that are totally intact, not broken ones because they can cause damage after sometime once they have been laid.
  • Give sufficient time for the bricks to dry before moving to the next level.
  • As you continue, do not forget to check your bricks regularly to ensure that there are no signs of damage.

After you have carefully read the instructions, its now time to begin the actual installation of bricks step by steps.

  • The first step is the installation of foundation. You should make a consideration of how many steps you intend to use. Just consider the length of the stairway that you need and continue laying out the stairway dimensions and make sure you allow for a certain extra. This is done by digging out section of the earth and leveling it. Using something hard like a vibrator, compact the soil below the foundation. Make a frame from 2×6 stocks for the foundation pad. Mix cement and poor it to 6” depth and then lay rebar into it.
  • Step two is to lay the interior brick. Lay the first course of brick 1” of cement between bricks using a level.
  • Once you have done this, step three is to lay the face brick. Use any size of the brick but you can use 4x8x1.5” brick. Mix your Portland cement and not builders cement.
  • Step four is pitching the tread. Make sure that you incorporate a pitch into the treads; this will ensure that water can run off the tread with ease. 1/8 to 1” are considered to be good.
  • Ly the rise bricks on their sides to get the best results and to simplify your of building the desired height.4x8x1.5 will give you a good riser height of 1.2” between cement and another brick on top in horizontal.
  • Once you have finished installing the bricks, clean the working area to remove spieled cement and sand


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