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How to Find a Free Laptop Online


Wouldn’t we all love it if we were able to get a free laptop for doing absolutely nothing? It’s a lot easier than you think.

We’re not going to go over many of the methods that are available online, like the scams that ask you to fill out surveys for hours on end only to send you free coupon in the mail to get you five dollars off a laptop at your local Best Buy.

We’re going to show you legitimate, honest ways to go about getting a laptop through different companies in your area. It may involve signing up for a few things here and there, or enrolling in a new service that you never knew existed, but we assure you that there are many ways in this world to get a free computer for doing close to nothing. Stick with us and by the end of the article you should be well on your way to getting a free laptop that you can use in your home or office.


Verizon in the United States is well known for giving out free laptops. One of their latest promotions involves signing up for a new phone contract with them. By signing up for a Verizon wireless phone contract you are able to choose between a few different prizes. Among them was a free laptop. No questions asked, a free laptop. This program was to entice new customers to come to Verizon wireless to enroll in their services. But, if you are already a Verizon wireless customer, it was as simple as renewing your contract for another two years, which you would have to do anyway probably within a few months time. So, you’d be able to walk into Verizon and take advantage of their already existing offers to get a cool new phone to go with your Verizon phone contract. Then, you’d be able to approach the desk and claim your free laptop. While the laptop was a netbook, it had all the functionality that you needed in a small portable computer.


Universities tend to renew their computer equipment every few years, so snagging an old laptop from them should be a piece of cake. Universities are very willing to give their laptops to parties that intend to use them for educational purposes. So, if you’re a student enrolled in university and you need a new laptop, approach the IT department in your school and asked them about getting one of their old ones. You may have to prove that you’re a student of university with a student university ID card, but that shouldn’t be too hard to produce. They keep track of all the students that come in to ask for laptops, so you can’t just keep coming back asking for their old laptops every other week to sell them on eBay. Once you get a free laptop from your university, chances are you won’t be getting another one until you graduate. The laptops may be a few years old, but they’re still very functional and will do just fine for classes.


While we said in the introduction that we would not be covering surveys as a legitimate way to get laptops, there are still a few good sites left on the Internet that work. How do companies that offer surveys and other menial tasks online have the money to buy you a free laptop and send it to you? This is where a lot of people get confused and automatically assume that all websites on the Internet are out to get them. Companies make money every time you click on their surveys. Every time you provide your opinion or give little tidbit of information about yourself to a company, they turn a profit from their advertisers. The plan is to make as much money from you as possible before sending you anything in return. Makes sense, right? After they have accumulated about $1500 from you, they’re willing to send you something in return. That something in return is a laptop. Once they’ve made their money from their advertisers, they feel obligated to send you a consolation prize. They are able to buy laptops at the same price that the big retailers pay and that means that they’re buying laptops for about a fifth of the price that they actually cost in stores. So, when you think of these companies are spending $1500-$2000 on you every time you win a free laptop, think again

What they do is they actually make about three times as much profit off of as it would cost them to buy you a new laptop. So, by sending out a free laptop to you, you’re sure to tell your friends about the great deal that you found online. Ultimately, they’re getting tons of new customers every single day by word-of-mouth, an ingenious form of advertising. Below, we provided a full list of websites that will help you obtain a free laptop online. Like we said earlier, there are many websites left online that will give you something for free for doing absolutely nothing and we figured we should show them to you.



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