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How to Cook Rice in a Microwave?


Rice is a popular staple food in most Asian countries. It is also used in Africa and in some parts of Southern America. Rice bowls are pretty common lunch and dinner dishes so it’s important that you know how to cook rice. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry to cook rice on the stove, perhaps you’d like to learn how to cook rice in a microwave instead.

Just make sure to follow these instructions to come up with the perfect fluffy rice for your family and friends. If you are in a hurry to cook rice for your family or for a special gathering, the best way to make cooking rice quick is through a microwave. So let’s start learning how to cook rice in a microwave with these few easy steps.

  1. First thing to do is to measure the rice that you will need. 2 cups of rice is enough for two adults and a small kid. A cup of uncooked rice is about 1 ½ to 1 ¾ cup of cooked rice. So make sure to measure enough rice you will need.
  2. It is important to rinse your rice before you cook it. If you are buying that long grain rice in big packs or sacks, chances are, they still have a lot of dirt in them. So make sure to rinse the rice before using them.
  3. Drain the rice before you transfer it to the microwave safe bowl where you will cook it. Make sure that the microwave safe bowl you are using is big enough such that when you place your uncooked rice, the bowl is only half-filled or even less. If your rice is more than half way of the bowl, it will overflow later on because rice will expand when cooked. At the same time, you are still going to add rice, so it will surely overflow if you fill it more than half.
  4. Now it’s time to add the water. Make sure to follow these measurements because the amount of water to be used in microwave cooking is different when you cook rice in the stove. For 2 cups of rice, you should use 3 ½ cups of water. Add it to the microwave safe bowl. The measurement is that the water should be 1.75 times the amount of the rice. So for a cup of rice, you should use 1 ¾ cups of water. For 3 cups of rice, use 5 ¼ cups water, and so on.
  5. Next, cover your bowl of rice with a microwave safe cover or microwave oven safe plate. Make sure that whatever lid you use is not airtight because it needs to release steam as it cooks.
  6. Cook for 12 minutes on High setting for the 2 cups of rice.
  7. After the 12 minutes, do not open the cover to check if the rice is done. It will still cook on its own steam so let it stay in the microwave, covered for about 30 minutes before serving.


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