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How to Build a Deck Railing?


A deck is a structure that is floored extending from the house. Normally it is not roofed and can be located from the sides, front or back. This deck can have railings used for aesthetic or safety purposes.

Building deck railings is a simple procedure and should be followed to have a typical deck railing installed. The steps on how to make the deck should be followed especially on how to make a deck frame and ensuring the deck can be easily accessed.

  • Any wood or materials that may have been attached to it should be removed until the builder reaches the rim joist, the outermost edge of the floor. This is used in binding the wooden planks, which consists of the floor.
  • Make the upper deck railings using pieces of wood that are cut 2” by 6” with a crown curving upward.
  • Railings should be attached and these attachments should only be temporary keeping in mind that they should be removed later. They are attached by using finishing nails or small screws to easily remove them when making the upper part of the deck railings.
  • The railings should then be fastened by using three 3 inch screws or using the ACQ spiral nails for every connection.
  • There are 4 by 4 posts that are optional in installing at the top or bottom of the steps. They are supposed to be sunk into the ground at least three feet and backfilled with gravel or concrete at the hole’s bottom half to make it stable.
  • Allow the concrete to set for a few days and when the concrete is ready and dry one can set the deck railings will be fastened to the posts.
  • The baluster positions should be determined and marked out 5 inches apart by drawing a line. The mark should be marked outside the line to indicate the position for mounting.
  • These balusters are attached at the corners and 2 ½ inch deck screws are used so that 4 balusters are attached on every corner.
  • The next step is to attach permanently the upper deck railings that were made earlier and they are screwed through the bottom so that the railings will be raised.
  • Make sure the railings tops are leveled. The spaces between the balusters and the railings are filled and once every railing is in place, they are fixed into place using a diagonal hole plus deck screws that are 3”.

A person may choose to add more wood to the top row as a design feature depending on ones preference.


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