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How to Build a Chaise Lounge?


A chaise lounge is a suitable addition to a patio however, they can be very costly to purchase. The alternative is to make one, which is more practical and ensures that some money is saved.

The required materials for this process are the following; 1 by 2’s, 1 by 3’s and 2 by 4’s, sand paper , measuring tape, paint or stain, table saw, drill set, paper and pencil, router, hammer nails and dowel. Guidelines:

  • The type of wood should be chosen with oak being a suitable option for the fact that it holds up better than most other wood in different climatic conditions. A suitable alternative would be teak; although this wood would have to be weatherproofed it can work well as a second choice. In the absence of the two above materials, maple or cherry could also be used.
  • The length of the wood has to be measured using a tape measure. Cut the appropriate portions. The base requires two 2 by 4 boards. Each of the boards needs to be approximately half a foot in length. Two 2 by 4 boards that measure four inches are needed for frame of the back.
  • When the dowel is being cut it has to be the same size as the wood, which is to go behind the chair. About four inches may be added to even with the 2 by 4 boards. The portions that are to be leaned against will require 1 by 2 wood. The same procedure is done with 1 by 3 boards used on the seat.
  • Supports for the backrest will be required. The 1 by 2 board has to be cut 4 inches behind the backrest reaching the seat’s frame end.
  • The legs are made with 2 by 4 boards and their height is dependent on the person making the chaise lounge.
  • Arm chairs can be made out of 18 inch pieces with two other vertical pieces of the desired height. The horizontal and vertical pieces are attached with screws and the screw holes have to be drilled.
  • The two frame section end pieces are drilled and screwed in the frame of the 2 by 4 on both sides.
  • Legs should then be screwed in the seat frame. The backrest and seat are screwed onto the frame
  • The intersection back is drilled with a 1” dowel hole and the pieces of the back are nailed on the seat. The dowel then attaches the supports for the backrests.

A chaise lounge can be a very hard task when one has little knowledge on how to build it, therefore, in any cases where one is not sure on how to go about part of building the chaise lounge, professional advice should be sorted.


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